New Horizon
Chabad of Tallahassee and FSU continues to be the dynamic force for the
local Jewish communities, Jewish life on campuses, and Jewish interests at the Florida State
Capital. We thank you for all the support we constantly enjoy.

As we continue and
expand all our programs, we begin 2022 by initiating an all-important campaign of countering
anti-Semitism. In addition to featured events and guest speakers, we are utilizing our
contacts with the governor’s office and state representatives, so that this campaign impacts
the entire state of Florida.

To join us in this struggle while maintaining our
programs, please click the DONATE NOW button and help assure its success. Thank you for your
Learning & Inspiration
  • Can You Be Righteous?Our world needs more righteous people or, at least, more righteous acts. Read More
  • Israel Mourns Seven Victims of Jerusalem Terror AttackThousands pay their respects at funerals and shiva houses around the country Read More
  • Seeing Is Believing?When you witness the miracle of creation with your own eyes, faith is unnecessary. Or, is it? Read More
  • How a Hot Pink Washing Cup Transformed My LifeDuring her youth and while pursuing her career as a psychologist, Dr. Lana Tiersky was not... Read More
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Daily Thought
Along the path to Torah is the splitting of the sea. What is the sea? It is the thick blanket of materialism that smothers the fire of your divine soul. A miracle comes, splits the sea, and the truth is revealed beneath your feet. Now you can receive Torah. But don’t imagine you can cling to a coarse, material perception of this world and append to it a Torah consciousness. An entire sea of delusion must part...
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