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Sunday • 10:00 AM 
A Power breakfast for your body & soul 
Get your week off to a great start & join us for a triple header 
Tefillin- feed your soul, Breakfast- feed your body, Study- feed your mind

Siddur  Friday Night • 6:30 pm    
Join us for a wonderful prayer service (45 minutes). Welcoming and friendly services, with songs and explanations. Followed by a traditional Friday Night Dinner.

Siddur  Shabbat Morning 
Saturday • 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM  
Kiddush following services 
Prayers begin 10:30 am if you are advanced. If not, join us at 11:30 AM for the Torah Reading, which includes the Rabbi's short explanations on the weekly Torah portion. 
Followed by a lovely Service with lots of singing. Services conclude at 1:00 PM approx.