Itching for summer?
Want to study away?
We can help you with that.

Onward Israelinks:

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-14 at 12.53.09 PM.jpegYou want to learn this summer. You want to intern. 
Perfect compromise: Onward IsraeLinks.
Track 1: June 17 – August 11, 2019 
Track 2: June 27 – August 21, 2019.   


Machon Alte:

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-14 at 12.52.59 PM.jpeg►College credits are offered to those who participate in the full session.

►Participants who attend for a minimum of 3 weeks, can receive a travel grant from Chabad on Campus (up to $1,300).

►The cost of the program is only $499 (for all 6 weeks!)

►In addition to learning, the girls go on trips, Shabbatons, and get to experience Israel in a very wholesome way.

Machon Alte’s program is perfect for college students looking for an exhilarating, emotionally uplifting and intellectually stimulating summer. Tzfat is an environment that very conducive for learning, inspires growth, and attending this program provides the opportunity to tap into the beauty of our heritage and the Land of Israel.   


Mayanot Women's Program

IMG-20190214-WA0009.jpgChallenge your mind and nurture your soul in the heart of Jerusalem. Led by world renowned educators from Chabad and other Jewish sects, multiple tracks accommodate students of all backgrounds and levels, from beginners to advanced. You will grow at a steady pace without the pressure of adhering to frum standards or dress codes.


Mayanot Men's Program

IMG-20190214-WA0013.jpgConnect with like-minded peers and world-renowned Jewish educators in the heart of Jerusalem. Explore your homeland on field trips, participate in dynamic classes and attend meaningful Shabbatons and Farbrengens with new friends. You will undergo major personal development while gaining proficiency in Torah study skills and deep insights into traditional texts including Talmud, Chumash, Chassidut and Tanya.  


Women's Jewish Summer Fellowship

IMG-20190214-WA0016.jpgYour days of overnight camp may be over, but you have a second chance! Nestled in the New York countryside, this six week summer study program takes place on beautiful and spacious grounds, providing you with hands-on Jewish learning and living in a warm and invigorating environment.   



Men's Jewish Summer Fellowship

IMG-20190214-WA0014.jpgNestled in the New York countryside, this six-week summer study program provides undergraduate and graduate college students with the opportunity to explore Judaism in a warm and invigorating environment. You'll taste from a wellspring of wisdom, meet other students from around the world and enjoy the great outdoors. 


Miami Torah Ohr  (for boys)

IMG-20190214-WA0006.jpgChallenge and explore 5,000 years of Jewish wisdom and apply it to contemporary society, guided by passionate shluchim and teachers in sunny North Miami Beach. Winter program combines half-a-day of learning and outdoor activities such as jet skiing, banana boating or exploring the everglades. Those interested in the year-round program will receive lots of individual attention and a personalized progress plan.  


Temimei Darech (for boys)

IMG-20190214-WA0010.jpgExplore your roots in a creative and spiritual setting, the mystical city of Tzfat. The winter and summer Torah Extreme programs combine yeshiva-style learning, spirituality and meditation with hikes, outdoor trips and entertainment. Catering to the more spiritually-inclined and artsy or musical student, you'll focus on Chassidus and leading a frum lifestyle.  


Tiferes Bachurim (for boys)

IMG-20190214-WA0012.jpgJoin dozens of college students for traditional Yeshiva learning in a frum environment. The one-week summer and winter programs accommodate secular students who want to experience true text-based Torah scholarship. The year-round program is geared toward students who are more academically inclined and want to take steps towards life of Torah and Mitzvot  


Israel Links:

IMG-20190214-WA0007.jpgDiscover the social, religious and political makeup of Israel firsthand on a 10-day spiritual journey, led by academic and rabbinic experts. Guided tours of holy and historic sites are accompanied by stimulating lectures and discussions on Jewish tradition and philosophy. Walk in your ancestors' footsteps and study history where it actually occurred as you examine the link between Israel and its people.  


Sinai Scholars at the National Jewish Retreat :

IMG-20190214-WA0008.jpgEmbark on a five-day getaway at a five-star luxury hotel and choose from a plethora of programming led by the world's most sought after Jewish thinkers, theologians, academics and educators. Geared toward mature students who are motivated to learn more about Yiddishkeit, the lectures, sessions, workshops and entertainment will leave a profound, lasting impression.