Dear Friends,

Passover in our liturgy, called “the time of our freedom” inspires our deepest feelings of those values and of identity.

The events of the past few weeks have reignited those feelings. We have all been following, and supporting, the ideals for which Passover represents. For 3334 years, Passover has been an inspiration for us, and indeed for the entire world. 3334 years of a never-ending quest for freedom, even when facing daunting odds — such as now.

This year we will experience a different kind of exodus, an exodus from the confines of Covid-driven isolation. This year, Passover will once again be an occasion for communal gathering, for friendship and fellowship, and for reconnecting with the Jewish people. At Chabad of the Panhandle/Tallahassee and FSU, we will again be opening our doors for over 500 students and many in the community who have nowhere to go, for students far from home and family, offering a home away from home for their seder.

Your help is the key to make Passover a reality for all those we serve. In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever that we offer a place where a strong Jewish identity is welcomed. And because Passover is crucial to Jewish continuity, I turn to you for your assistance. Your contribution provides support for:

Alexa, who is going to college far away from her family. She loves Passover and the family traditions and she can’t bear the thought of doing it alone in her dorm room. She needs a family, a community that will embrace her and help her feel like she’s at home.

David who is elderly and lives alone and every day is a challenge. Passover has been a cornerstone of his life through all his long years ... and he doesn't want to miss it, he will come celebrate together with his Chabad house family. David is not alone.

Daniel who has seen a terrifying rise in antisemitism in his neighborhood.

More than ever, he needs a big helping of Jewish love and connection!

With so much at stake, your contribution is critical now more than ever.

Could you join the Passover Campaign and donate to help make Passover a reality for people here in the community who otherwise might miss it?

Your donation of $180 — or maybe $360 — will make a place at our table for someone who’s looking for a Seder to join. Or send someone seder supplies like Matzah.

With your help, people here in the community will be able to experience a beautiful seder this year. Mouthwatering soup, four cups of bubbly wine, and melt-in in-your-mouth brisket.

Your gift will give them an authentic taste of Passover with the handmade Shmurah Matzah. They will cry over the maror and celebrate with the wine. You will give them exactly what they need: a powerful and life-affirming Passover experience.

Alexa, David, and Daniel are some of the people you will reach with your donation to our Passover Campaign!

The message of Passover is as important and timely as ever. We need to share strength, courage, and the message of freedom.

And we can’t do it without you.

Please consider sending your gift today so we can make the proper preparations in time for Passover.

Thank you for your consideration.

Wishing you a Happy and Joyous Passover,

Rabbi Schneur Z. Oirechman

  P.S. Please send your Passover Campaign gift today — $180, $360 or any amount is a big help.