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Chabad of Tallahassee and FSU continues to be the dynamic force for the local Jewish communities, Jewish life on campuses, and Jewish interests at the Florida State Capital. We thank you for all the support we constantly enjoy.

As we continue and expand all our programs, we begin 2022 by initiating an all-important campaign of countering anti-Semitism. In addition to featured events and guest speakers, we are utilizing our contacts with the governor’s office and state representatives, so that this campaign impacts the entire state of Florida.

To join us in this struggle while maintaining our programs, please click the DONATE NOW button and help assure its success. Thank you for your backing.
Learning & Inspiration
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You are G‑d’s sewing needle. Your mitzvahs are His thread. Now you can understand all these journeys of your life: You are pulling a thread, stitching together the confusion of this world into a single, meaningful story of wisdom and divine truth, a magnificent patchwork of many colors. Predictably, the world resists your mitzvahs. But, as a needle, you are firm and sharp enough to pierce through any challenge. And as a needle, you have an opposite side as well: Behind your will of steel lies an openness, a sense of awe, wonder, and humility...
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