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  • Baruch Shmuel ben Chana , 5 year old son of Rabbi Schneur and Chana Oirechman, Shluchim to FSU and Tallahassee, Florida was severely injured by an arrow in his right eye. There is a need for an immediate urgent surgery in an effort to save the placement of the eye. 

    Please take upon yourself a Mitzvah (Good Deed) in honor of Shmuly's complete recovery and make a donation to help with the immediate expenses.

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This is a very important update regarding Shmuly Oirechman’s eye condition, and a request for your generous and kind help.

At a routine visit last week to the Florida doctor who is monitoring Shmuly’s progress, Rabbi and Mrs. Oirechman were told, that there is significant deterioration in the eye placement and the potential vision in the eye.  In short; the scar tissue that created holes in the retina is causing liquid to drop below the retina and is irritating the eye.

They consulted with Shmuly’s surgeon, Dr. Schwartz and the medical team in L.A. They determined that his condition is severe and they need to travel to L.A. next week for urgent surgery to vacuum the liquid and glue the retina, in an attempt to save the eye placement and any hope for future sight.  Shmuly’s recovery from the surgery and all it entails is estimated at approximately two weeks.

Shmuly's health insurance does not cover UCLA. The costs associated with the upcoming surgery, related expenses and follow up treatments is estimated at $75,000.  In addition, this is a very busy time for Rabbi and Mrs. Oirechman, presently in the midst of preparations for Passover etc., but the surgery cannot be delayed.

If you are able, please assist and help cover the costs for Shmuly’s surgery, follow up treatment and related expenses.  They simply do not have the funds for this surgery and treatment.  May Hashem bless you and your family for your generous kindness.  It is due to your and others’ generous help that enabled Shmuly’s care in saving the eye placement to date.

Dr. Schwartz made it clear that at this point ,the attempt to save the eye placement and potential vision requires continued blessings and miracles from Almighty G-d. 

We are asking for your loving help and prayers, beseeching Hashem that Shmuly should be able to keep his eye and with further hope for vision.

We are certain that with your prayers and the Rebbe's blessings, the Oirechmans will share good news. The surgery is scheduled to take place next week, Tuesday, April 2 at 7:30 am (PT).

Please keep Boruch Shmuel ben Chana in your prayers and include additional Torah study, acts of charity and kindness, and specifically increase in loving each other in honor of Shmuly.

Please share this request for financial assistance and prayers with friends and family.  If you know of anyone specific that we can reach out to, please contact Rabbi Berl Goldman at  [email protected] or call (352)256-3323.  

Thank you.

Rabbi Berl Goldman, University of Florida
Rabbi Moshe Goldman, University of Waterloo
Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky, University of Ottawa
Rabbi Mendel Matusof, University of Wisconsin
Rabbi Zalman Bluming, Duke Univerisity
Rabbi Mordechai Silberberg, Western University